Fusion finally announced. So…?

Product Development at the Speed of … Glaciers
Many observers began to think that Fusion was a line of apparel. The only tangible products were the hats, shirts and other gear with Oracle’s new brand on them. At Oracle OpenWorld this week, Mr. Ellison finally announced that Fusion will be available sometime next year.

Nothing for Manufacturers
The Fusion Applications include seven modules: (1) Financial Management, (2) Human Capital Management, (3) Sales and Marketing, (4) Supply Chain Management, (5) Projects, (6) Procurement, and (7) Governance, Risk and Compliance. Fusion is a horizontal play to capture as many big, global companies as possible. Over time there will be modules for verticals like banking, insurance, retail, etc. Manufacturing does not seem to be on the horizon. I am sure it will get plenty of lip service, but continue to get very little actual code.

Mr. Ellison said the Fusion applications will be SaaS-Ready. That sounds similar to Microsoft’s vision (another SaaS laggard). Microsoft’s plan is to make their products capable of being hosted by third parties. Does that mean the products are truly multi-tenant and web-native? Does that solve any of the real problems with traditional on-premise software or does it just shift the burden to a third party?

You can still get your Fusion hats and shirts. Those will likely work as adverstised. The Fusion software is still a mystery.

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